Almost everywhere in Finland it's easy to find peaceful places where you can enjoy natural silence – perhaps only broken by the sound of birdsong, leaves rustling in the breeze, or water flowing in a woodland stream.

Silence is becoming an increasingly rare and cherished commodity in our modern world, where our ears are constantly exposed to the sounds of traffic, machinery and electronic devices. This constant noise pollution may contribute to health conditions such as stress, high blood pressure, difficulties in concentration, or sleeping problems.

Vasara Reindeer Ranch gives you a perfect break from the hustle and bustle of everyday urban life. Our facilities also offer a great place to practice peaceful activities like yoga, meditation or mindfulness. The silence of nature gives you time and energy to reflect and truly enjoy your natural surroundings

Light pollution is another unpleasant aspect of modern life that can be easily escaped in Finland. On clear nights it's not hard to walk away from built-up areas to dark but safe places where you can enjoy awe-inspiring views of starry skies with the Milky Way stretching across the heavens.

With luck, you may even spot the amazing Northern Lights in the night sky. Their mysterious colours and forms make an unforgettable sight. Read about Northern Lights.