The longest winter, the most frequently appearing northern lights, the deepest snow, the purest air… that’s what Kilpisjärvi is all about – it’s the perfect winter playground!


The snow season starts in late November and continues until early May

  • Capture the magic of Aurora Borealis
  • Explore the wilderness on snowshoes, with cross-country skis, and on a snowmobile tour
  • Spend a day in the company of a reindeer herder on the tundra
  • Take a thrilling dogsled ride


Arctic summer is short but sweet, and filled with delights: two months of nightless nights, the verdant greens of the nature, the crystal-clear cool waters of the streams, rivers and lakes. Summer starts in Mid-June and continues until late August.

  • Discover the beauty of arctic flowers and the delicious taste of cloudberries
  • Go biking, go fishing and go hiking
  • Immerse yourself in local traditions and culture on a visit to the reindeer ranch
  • Take a boat ride on the lake and visit the three-country border mark


Autumn is a festival of colors! “Ruska” we call it, the short period in September when nature paints itself in flamboyant colors: yellows, oranges and flaming reds

  • Conquer the summit of Saana mountain
  • Raft down a river that separates two countires: Finland and Sweden
  • Take a sightseeing tour in the air by helicopter or by seaplane
  • Witness the wonder of autumn’s first northern lights


Off-season – the period after “Ruska” and before the start of the snow season – is the hidden gem as nature prepares itself for the arrival of winter.

  • Discover local culinary delights of seasonal food: berries, mushrooms and reindeer
  • Get acquainted with local customs and history on a guided tour
  • Go chasing aurora borealis, on your own or with a local guide
  • Take the best photos of your life in the constantly changing nature